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Estate Planning Built On Dynasty Trusts with Jerry Wegley (Ep. 18)

Estate Planning Built On Dynasty Trusts with Jerry Wegley (Ep. 18)

You want to make sure your protection in your estate plan is complete and it’s engineered with extreme conditions in mind. Yet many people have wills and trust with safety features that expire when the beneficiaries at a certain age.

In this episode, Jim McGovern talks with Jerry Wegley, an attorney with KnoxLaw about why dynasty trusts should be the centerpiece of a family estate plan. He explains where some of the traditional approaches to estate planning fall short and assets may be unnecessarily exposed to creditors, divorcing spouses, transfer taxes and other issues.

Jerry discusses:

  • The misconceptions with trusts
  • How trusts have evolved over the last 20 years
  • The specifics of creating a trust and the rules each position is to follow
  • Why efficient tax planning is built into a dynasty trust
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Jerry Wegley’s practice focuses on asset protection and business succession planning. He helps people protect their assets from taxes, creditors, future ex-spouses and ex-in-laws, and nursing homes, so they may choose who benefits from their assets (themselves, their children, charities, etc.). His previous experience as a CPA helps him advise business owners wishing to keep their business operating after their exit; whether it be by their child or other family member, their employees or another party that will carry on their legacy. He is available to speak on business and tax topics, sophisticated estate planning strategies, asset protection, wealth preservation, long-term care planning, business succession and special needs planning. He also serves as Vice President on Knox Law’s Board of Directors.