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The Importance Of A Will, Trust, and Power of Attorney with Brooke McMorrow (Ep.8)

What would happen to your estate if you were to pass away tomorrow?

Do you have a will in place for your family? States such as Pennsylvania cannot guarantee that the spouse of a deceased person will inherit 100% of the money when there isn’t a will in place.

In this episode, Jim McGovern talks with Brooke McMorrow, a business owner and attorney from McMorrow Law, LLC. They explore why you should develop a will and establish your power of attorney no matter what age you are.

Brooke discusses:

  • What an estate plan is and how you can start creating yours
  • Why you should have a power of attorney no matter your age
  • What happens when you or one of your family members passes away without a will
  • What a revocable living trust is and how it benefits you and your family
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Attorney McMorrow strives to change the stereotypes that people have about attorneys by returning phone calls in a timely manner and above all, listening to the client and providing affordable and knowledgeable legal advice in a comfortable setting.  Brooke McMorrow is licensed to practice law in both Pennsylvania and New York. As a member of the Collaborative Law Association of Southwestern Pennsylvania, Attorney McMorrow is trained in collaborative law.


Protecting Your Child’s Future (Ep.4)

What’s at stake when setting your child up for a successful financial future? What specific goals do you have in mind for your child?

In this episode, Jim McGovern will give you practical insights and an overview of life planning, building a sustainable wealth for you and your children, and caring for your child’s future. 

Jim discusses:

  • His philosophies of planning for your child’s financial future
  • Planning your financial timeline and how to properly incorporate your children’s financial inheritance
  • The financial planning process when caring for a child that has special needs
  • How to plan for your financial well-being
  • And more

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