Identity Theft: How to Recover and Restore a Hijacked Identity with Travis D. Mills (Ep. 46)

Identity Theft: How to Recover and Restore a Hijacked Identity with Travis D. Mills (Ep. 46)

Every two seconds, someone’s identity is stolen.  

Don’t be next.  

In a crucial episode of Maximizing Outcomes, host Jim McGovern teams up with Travis D. Mills, CEO and Founder of Liberty ID, to tackle the growing and diverse challenges of identity theft. Together, they dive into the lesser-known forms of identity theft, including utilities, family, decedent, medical, and tax fraud. This episode not only highlights the severity of these threats but also equips listeners with knowledge and strategies to combat and recover from identity theft effectively. 

 Key Highlights: 

  •  Diverse Fraud Types: Uncover the spectrum of identity theft beyond the usual credit scams 
  • IRS Fraud Tactics: Grasp how fraudsters manipulate tax returns and how the IRS addresses these violations 
  • Risks to Children: Understand why identity thieves often target children and the lasting impact this can have 
  • Technological Threats: Learn how thieves use advanced AI technologies to create deceptive scams 
  • Military Targeting: Discover why veterans are particularly vulnerable to identity fraud and how emotional tactics are exploited 
  • Effective Defense Measures: Gain insights into Liberty ID’s comprehensive services that ensure swift and thorough identity theft resolution, focusing on personalized legal support 
  • Special Announcement: Stay tuned until the end for an exclusive reveal that could enhance your defense against identity theft even further 
  • And much more! 

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About Travis D. Mills: 

Travis Mills, CEO and Founder of Liberty ID, brings extensive experience in identity theft restoration. His company specializes in a comprehensive, client-focused approach to resolving identity theft issues, advocating for victims through personalized service and direct legal avenues. Liberty ID, known for its rapid and effective resolution processes, provides a safety net for individuals facing the daunting challenges of identity theft.

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