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Are You Successful, But Not Fulfilled? With Emily Melious (Ep.13)

1 in 3 workers are willing to consider a lower paying job if it was a more fulfilling job. It can be nearly impossible to be fulfilled in your life if you are not fulfilled at work. 

In this episode, Emily Melious, CEO and fulfillment coach at Launch Consulting, discusses why fulfillment equals the alignment of your unique skills, passions, and talents. She shares how The Career Navigator Program helps mid-career professionals and high achievers make a job transition to find fulfillment in their work.

 Emily discusses:

  • Why success doesn’t always equal fulfillment
  • The three part proven fulfillment formula™️
  • Why traditional career advice leaves you unfulfilled
  • Why it’s almost impossible to be fulfilled in life if you are not fulfilled at work
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Emily Melious is the CEO and fulfillment coach at Launch Consulting. Emily helps high achieving mid-career professionals create energizing, satisfying, and fulfilling careers. She’s a certified Kolby consultant at SHRM-SCP and she’s the creator of the 3 part proven fulfillment formula™️.


Meet Your Host, Jim McGovern (Ep.1)

Introducing the Maximizing Outcomes podcast with Jim McGovern. 

Listen in for uncommon perspectives, powerful resources, and experienced people that can help you Maximize Outcomes in your life.

In this inaugural episode, Jim McGovern, shares more about him from behind the microphone. He will inform and educate anybody looking to maximize their financial potential. You will learn what questions you should be asking your advisor and how to collaborate with your advisor to pave the way for better outcomes in your future.

Jim discusses:

  • Why he got into the financial services industry
  • The idea of being a “life-long student” and how the people you surround yourself with can impact your career decisions
  • The meaning and purpose behind the title of his podcast “Maximizing Outcomes”
  • What important questions you should be asking your advisor
  • And more


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