Inside the Investor’s Brain: Biases That Cost You (Ep. 39)

Inside the Investor’s Brain: Biases That Cost You (Ep. 39)

Ever wondered how your mind affects your investments? Is your brain wired to work against you as you make financial decisions?

Join Jim McGovern of McGovern Wealth Group in the latest episode of ‘Maximizing Outcomes,’ as he teams up with Phil McGinnis, Chief Investment Strategist at Avantis Investors. Together, they navigate the intricate intersection of human psychology and financial decision-making, uncovering its profound impact on investment outcomes. This episode is a must-listen for anyone wanting to understand the basics of behavioral finance, and how to recognize when emotions and biases may be working against you.

Key Discussion Points:

  • The Psychology of Investing: Learn how emotional and cognitive biases can derail even the most carefully laid investment plans
  • Brain and Money Choices: Understand how innate biases affect our financial decisions and the crucial role of self-awareness and critical thinking
  • Debunking Investment Myths: Discover why conventional market wisdom might not always hold true and the importance of a comprehensive understanding of financial concepts
  • Emotions and Investment Decisions: Gain insights into how our feelings and past experiences influence our financial choices and the significance of setting realistic expectations
  • Navigating Market Volatility: Strategies for staying steady through market highs and lows, focusing on long-term investment gains
  • Recognizing Personal Biases: Learn the importance of understanding your own predispositions and using data and technology for smarter investing
  • Seeking Expert Financial Advice: Hear Jim McGovern’s perspective on the value of professional guidance in navigating complex investment landscapes
  • And much more!


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About Philip McInnis:

Phil McGinnis, as Chief Investment Strategist at Avantis Investors, brings a wealth of knowledge in combining data-driven strategies with an understanding of behavioral finance. His expertise is pivotal in guiding investors through the maze of market complexities, ensuring a clear understanding of investment strategies and their performance across various market conditions.

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