The Art of College Planning (Pt. 2) (Ep. 38)

The Art of College Planning (Pt. 2) (Ep. 38)

Ever wondered how the FAFSA form could unlock hidden college funding?

Chart the unknown territories of college funding where host Jim McGovern unlocks the mysteries of the FAFSA form and beyond. Tailored for families on the journey of college financial planning, Jim reveals expert tactics for leveraging the FAFSA and unveils a treasure trove of funding strategies.

Key discussion points include:

  • Discover the latest shifts, key filing dates, eligibility secrets, and annual must-dos
  • Learn precise reporting, understand financial changes, and harness the Data Retrieval Tool
  • Insights on assets exempt from FAFSA and why all families should apply
  • Strategies for diverse family structures, including divorced parents and business owners
  • Insider tips on asset positioning and FAFSA reporting essentials
  • Dive into 529 plans, permanent life insurance, and Roth IRAs for college financing
  • And much more!


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